Odette’s books.

Odette has written six books for children.  The four “Sammy” picture books were based on our youngest child, who always tried to keep  up with the others.

“My Big Brother JJ” was published in 2009. It  was based on our older son’s friend.JJ cover for Buzz

“Nightingale News”, published in 1996 is now available on Kindle. It is based on stories gleaned from our daughter’s experiences when she was teaching in the London Borough of Newham.   Nightingale Cover001,jpg copy

“Sammy Goes Flying” was re-published in 2011, this time by Tamarind Books, with a newly edited text and new illustrations.  Sammy Flying cover


Details can be found on Odette’s website   http://www.odetteelliott.co.uk



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